Who We Are

The Brockville Community Development Project (BCDP)

Funded through a partnership between the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) and the West Dunedin Youth and Community Trust, (WDY&CT), the BCDP operates to make positive contributions to our community.

A Management Group with members from Brockville organisations such as the Brockville Community Church, the Brockville Community Support Trust (BCST) and the Brockville School Board of Trustees. The BCDP has FIVE Working Teams:-

  • During 2012, the BCDP established THREE Teams: (1) the Brockville Ecological Sustainability Team, or BEST (2) the Brockville Events’ Team and (3) the Brockville Youth Rangatahi Council. These Teams collaborated to put together the Inaugural “Big Brockville Spring Clean” (Saturday October 27).

  • Following that, the Events’ Team worked hard on Brockville’s first float in decades in Dunedin’s Santa Parade (Sunday December 2.)

  • During 2013, TWO more Working Teams have come into being: (4) the Brockville Health and Social Services’ Champions and (5) the Brockville Radio and Publications’ Collective.

Any Brockville Resident wanting to join one of these five teams would be most welcome! Please contact Marie via [email protected] OR 4764972 (BCDP Office Land-line) OR 021 532 396

One of the latest collaborations of the member organisations of the BCDP Management Group has been work on the possibility of a new Community Centre for Brockville.

Chaired by Tagiilima Feleti (BCST Trreasurer), the BCDP Management Group meets from 5.30pm on the SECOND Wednesday of each month. These meetings are OPEN to any Brockville Resident.



Since 2008, people living and/or working in Dunedin suburb Brockville have talked about our need for a funded worker. This dream became possible with support of from the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) via the Community Development Scheme. The West Dunedin Youth and Community Trust or WDY&CT administers the BCDP, in partnership with the Management Group. Along with representatives from the School Board of Trustees, the Brockville Community Church and the Brockville Community Support Trust, DIA and the WDY&CT, the BCDP Management Group operates the Project. From time to time, Te Kohanga Reo o Whakaari and the Brockville Kindergarten are represented at Management Group meetings or occasional Brockville Community Hui.

The BCDP's vision over 3 years is ...

To develop a more defined sense of community and to foster community kinship by improving the connections between residents, creating systems of support in the community, and building the capacity of the community to support its members to achieve their potential.

Based in the Brockville Community Church, Marie Laufiso is employed to support, encourage and assist Brockville residents, families/whãnau and organisations to develop project to improve their lives and future prospects. The BCDP Worker's brief is to progress the vision in these 3 areas ...

  • Residents value themselves and other members of the community to optimise well-being and enjoy the benefits of improved connection and participation within the Brockville community.
  • Residents care for their physical environment through collaborative projects that recognise and respect the contributions of others.
  • Residents have maximum opportunity to engage in recreational activities, adopt healthy, active lifestyles, to be physically in the world in a way that feels connected, congruent and natural.