Community Groups and "Teams"

Brockville Community Church:

Brockville Community Church V3

We are passionate about having a community that looks out for itself and can be self-supporting. Andrew Scott (03-476 43 80) as Minister works with the whole community, particularly children and young people. The church runs after-school programmes, holiday programmes, youth groups, and community dinners. There are people in the community who have a great deal to offer and we have recently appointed a Youth Intern to expand our capacity to work in Brockville. For more information click:

Brockville Community Support Trust (BCST) :

Founded in 1987 with a couple of inactive periods, the BCST has, since 2008 been active, establishing working teams on five priority areas in 2010. These priority areas were (1) Community Services/Building, (2) Leisure and Recreation, (3) Events, (4) Gardening and (5) Beautification/Amenities. In the light of the BCDP’s establishment, we have re-assessed these priorities. In the last week-end of April, 2013 we held our Strategic Planning Day and AGM. We identified the BCST's purpose: "To grow our village to nurture our residents."

Our current 'line-up" is Manea Tekii (Chairperson), Sue Morey (Secretary), Tagiilima Feleti (Treasurer), Michael Laufiso, Mary Mathieson, Kevin Chave, Janette Anderson, Sharon Hornby, Paulette Boyes, Ronnie Janke, Neil Griffin, Irene Folimatama and Jasmine Hunter. To contact us, please e-mail [email protected]

Brockville Garden ClubBrockville Garden Club:

Founded in 1992 by Walter and Edith Connor and other long-term residents, this club continues to meet on the first Tuesday of every month. Initially, meetings were held in the evenings but to improve attendance these were changed to afternoons from 1.30pm. For more information, please contact Club President, Dot White, 4764184.

Brockville Indoor Bowls’ Club:

In 1962, Indoor Bowls’ activities were initially run by the School’s PTA. Then the Club was founded in 1963 and has been active ever since – and is proud to have Otago selectors and National Champions among its ranks. Indoor Bowls is a family sport for anyone aged 9 to 90+ years! During the May to October season, the Club meets in the School Hall every Thursday evening from 7.30pm with fees ($1.00 per person) maintained at an affordable rate. This year (2013) an invitational tournament was held on June 9th to commemorate the Club's 50th Anniversary. For more information, please contact Club Secretary, Heather Gould, 4763775.

Brockville School Board of Trustees:

The Board of Trustees comprises five elected parent representatives, an elected staff representative, and the Principal  In 2013, the following were elected as parent representatives: Rose Richards (Chairperson), Michelle Allan, Tom Arapeta, Rosalie Feleti-Ivala and Michelle Miekel. The Trustees have the responsibility of governing the School, ensuring it is run effectively and efficiently and complies with the relevant legislation and guidelines. For more information, please contact the School Office, 476 37 17.

Brockville School PTA:

Meetings are in the morning, usually held on the last Tuesday of every month. For more information please contact the School Office on 476 37 17 or e-mail [email protected]

The West Dunedin Youth and Community Trust:

Our aims are: *To provide afterschool activities for young people. *To broaden awareness of the world around us with respect to the environment and those less well off than ourselves. *To build strong communities that are able to think about their world and make a positive impact on that world. *To encourage Christian based moral life skills. For more information, please contact Andrew Scott on 03-476 43 80  and read more here:

Te Kohanga Reo o Whakaari:

Situated next to our community initiative, Hapori Maara Kai (Community Garden), opened in December 2010, we are a pre-school centre for language-learning for Tamariki. We also provide support, information and resources to Maaori whaanau in Brockville. For more information, please ring 4764-645. 

Brockville Kindergarten:


At Brockville Kindergarten all children are valued as capable and competent learners. With three permanent-fully trained teachers, we offer a 6 hour option for families. Our session times are 8.30 - 12.30, 12.30 - 2.30 or 8.30 - 2.30. We have a mixed age range of children ranging from two - five years. We have. All enquiries welcome. Please phone 476 22 01 or e-mail us at [email protected]

Brockville Ecological Sustainability Team (BEST) :

The Eco-Sustainability Group came together during Brockville's Community hui on January 28th (2012).  We want to connect people and share experiences, working towards healthy living in simple and affordable ways. We are very open to ideas and welcome people to join our group. We have decided to concentrate on three main areas:

  • Energy efficiency - focus on helping create warmer and healthier homes (improving efficiency).
  • Community Food,helping to establish vegetable gardens and home-making on a budget, including cooking.
  • Combined Hen-Glasshouse with internal thermal mass, available as a kit-set using recycled parts.

We want to be able to help people meet their own needs and to make a difference in our community. We can be contacted through Sue Morey [email protected]


"Steady as you Go"

Age Concern - exercise group , 11am - 12.00  at Brockville Church - Wednesday mornings, new members welcome !

For enquiries, please phone Manager Glenys Webber 476 39 30


Brockville Youth (Rangatahi) Council:

The minutes from the Youth (Rangatahi) Council meetings:

Youth Hui July 12 2012

Youth Hui July 18 2012

Youth Hui July 25 2012