Celebrating the Maori New Year "Matariki"

Join us !

PLEASE see newsletter for more details



Please contact  Marie Laufiso

or (03) 476 49 72 for more information


....and don't forget to harvest some peas or lettuce in your community garden, next to the school - it's free and for all; YOU !

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Kia ora, Thanks heaps to Paul & the very patient Team at Firebrand HQ who made this website possible ! read more...

Brockville Community Newsletter

Ata marie Good morning, delivery to 900 or so households by a small team of Volunteers is almost complete. THANKS SO MUCH to Mary, Fiona, Paulette, Kimi, Ev & Cesilia! THANKS also to those Residents who have been in touch, advising us that they would like to receive the monthly newsletter by e-mail. If You have seen the newsletter (#18) already then You will have seen some photos. Check back here in a bit and (hopefully) some more photos of our UMU last week. read more...

Interested in making your home warmer, dryer?

Speaking at this month's Community Pot-Luck Dinner (At the Community Church, 274 Brockville Road) will be CHRIS FREEAR of Blueskin Power. read more...

Our Community Hui - on a wet, cold night

Kia ora/Thank You to Gordon, Paulette, Jasmine, Sharon, Andrew, Andrew, Manea, Rose and Mary who turned up tonight (Tuesday 14th) despite the wet very off-putting weather! Acknowledgements too to the ODT reporter (Debbie) who was present. Before preliminary findings from the Community Survey were given by Rose, we went over the history of the Brockville Community Project and talked about the work that has happened since June 2011. Rose had prepared a brief "Olympic Rings and Medals" presentation to help us understand the inter-connections through and around the Management Group of the BCDP. We discussed briefly when we might have the next Community Hui. One suggestion was November ~ when the weather has improved ~ another suggestion was possibly on the 3rd Sunday of the month ~ that is, the Community Pot-Luck Dinner. read more...